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Leopard Print nails

21 Mar

Okay, here it is, my first attempt to use my new Models Own Nail Art Pen. I went for leopard print because there were lots of pictures online to copy and because I’ve been told it doesn’t matter if it’s really splodgy! I found it really easy to do on my left hand (I’m right-handed) but things became a bit more ‘avant garde’ when I swapped over.

I have to say though the beauty of this look is it can be a bit messy and wild and still looks good – I noticed the woman opposite me on the train checking out my nails all the way to work which can only be a good sign!

I used Models Own gold polish as a base by the way, it’s a really gorgeous shimmering, sparkling gold that creates a lovely contrast to the black.

Now I’m on the look out for nail art pens in different colours – where can I get them in the UK?!


The best packaging I’ve ever seen on a wet wipe…

13 Mar

Surely you’d never want to use these little beauties!

All £1.50 from Topshop!

Nails – Blue and sparkly!

7 Mar

I know that for a long time it’s been seen as distinctly uncool to match your nails to your lipstick – but is it ok to match them to your clothes? I was excited to notice how beautifully my Barry M blue sparkles complemented my Topshop floral number (‘scuse the chipped polish). And how about the orange manicure below with – guess what – another Topshop floral number! I think I’ve found my niche.



Nails – Half and half

7 Mar

In my dream world, I’d have the skills, steady hand, creative flair and tools to create amazing nail art every day. In reality, painting my nails half one colour and half the other is about as intricate as it gets.

Here I’ve used two Barry M’s – Shocking Pink and the Limited Edition Lilac Foil. I like the contrast of metallic vs non-metallic. Also having all over lilac nails would make me feel a bit like a 10-year-old/granny so the hot pink adds a bit of va va voom!

Animal Lip Art

7 Mar

One of my most recent obsessions is animals. From cute little rabbits printed all over trousers, to horse-shaped clasps on belts and parrot earrings (I’m waiting for these little beauties to arrive) I love it all! Imagine my excitement then when I saw the panda lips above in Company magazine. After a quick snoop on the internet, I found loads more wildlife wonders, many of them created by make up artist Paige Thomas. How amazing? I just can’t decide which are my favourites! Although I have to say I don’t think they’d go down to well in the office…



Nails – Green and Blue

7 Mar

The last time I went through a phase of painting every nail a different colour, I was about 12 years old and quite frankly didn’t have much else to spend those long evening hours doing (homework? Please). I’ve got back into it lately though, because a) I keep buying so much nail varnish that to wear it all in a lifetime I’m going to need to mix it up and b) I think if you pick the colours right, it actually looks quite nice.

Here I have gone for what I described to my flatmate as an ‘ocean theme’ (yes she thinks I’m mad). The colours are:

Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish – Green with envy

Barry M Nail Paint – Blue Glitter

Barry M Nail Paint – Mint Green

Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish nail polish – Azure

And for the thumb – Revlon nail polish in Midnight Affair

Admittedly this kind of close up only serves to highlight my slapdash application of the polish, but I’ve had quite a few nice comments about them!

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