Chanel on the cheap?

17 Jun

I can’t believe it took until I was 24 before I bought my first Models Own nail varnish, or that I spent much of my first quarter century thinking it was an excellent plan to pluck my eyebrows into oblivion. Similarly, my latest make up discovery is something that most proper cosmetics junkies have probably been aware of for a while, so please bear with.

The revelation in question came to light when I was chatting to a bona fide make up expert colleague, who used to work for a beauty mag and is therefore my go-to resource for advice on all things cosmetic. She is also one of those organised people who has a desk containing everything you could ever need. Seriously, it only takes one person to shout out their need for chewing gum/wet wipes/tampons/a spare fork across the office, and she is there in a flash with the desired product after fishing it out of her superbly tidy desk drawers.

On this occasion, it was nail varnish remover I was after, on account of having to go to Graduate Fashion Week that evening and not wanting to turn up with chipped polish (Daphne Guinness was going to be there and I’m sure she can sense any shambolic talons within a 50 metre radius).

Organised colleague produced the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover which I have read so many positive blogger reviews of but never actually got my arse into gear and bought – I can back up all the previous cheerleaders of this product and confirm that it does do the job nicely.

What I didn’t realise – and what beauty guru colleague informed me while I was dunking my fingers – is that Bourjois is in fact the baby sister brand of Chanel, and that, in her words “the pretty much pump the same product into different bottles.”

Now obviously there are differences, but essentially this means if you buy a Bourjois foundation for a tenner, you are largely getting the same technology and ingredients  as you would in a Chanel one but at least four times cheaper. 

Coincidentally I heard the same theory later that day while watching a video about “Top products under £10” by on of my favourite beauty journos, Sali Hughes – you can see it here.

Armed with this new knowledge, I obviously had to pop out in my lunch hour and make the most of yet another 3-for-2 deal (cheers Boots) buying Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Translucent Smoothing Primer and a pot of their famous Blush. Will report back on whether I can feel the designer quality oozing out of them!



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