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Olympics Nail Art

30 Jul

With many beauty brands bringing out patriotic products and sports stars like Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton being signed up for hair and skincare campaigns, the link between Olympic sports and beauty has never been so apparent.

The designs below include everything from fairly basic Olympic rings to intricate illustrations of sports in action – if I was an athlete I would definitely be demanding all of them.

olympic nail art

olympic nail art

olympic nail art

olympic nail art

olympic nail art

olympic nail art


Simple nail art – Black and gold stars

26 Jul

There’s so much fantastically intricate nail art around these days that sometimes I forget even the simplest designs can look pretty cool.

Take the humble star for example – I remember doodling these all over my homework diary in school, where they sat alongside the numerous ‘Top 5’ lists (for some reason there was a trend in our year to make a top 5 list of the people you fancied on an almost daily basis – I guess we were young and lusty).

Anyway now I’m old and wise I have decided to transfer my doodling onto my nails. Below I painted the nails alternately with Models Own gold nail polish and Rimmel polish in black, before using Models Own nail pens to add little five point stars. I think the colours look really well together and the pattern, though simple, looks quite nice!

Next mission – to write an entire top 10 list on my fingernails.

Gold and black star nails

Gold and black star nails

Gold and black star nail art


Gold and black star nail art


Cake nail art

24 Jul

Spotted birthday cake nail art on Pinterest today – how have I never thought of this before? Especially since I really like cake. Any other food types I need to be considering?!

Fruity Nails – Pink and Orange Blend

16 Jul

Last week  we had the best delivery ever at work – a huge hamper full of retro sweets including candy necklaces, fizz whizzes, black jacks and lots of skulls and mice made from that fake white chocolate stuff. It was AMAZING.

Anyway, the many delights in our hamper included Fruit Salads a.k.a. the best sweets of my childhood:

There’s a pic in case you need reminding (which you shouldn’t – these things are like little rectangles of heaven).

Having sampled a few hundred of these at work last week, I felt it was only right to pay tribute to them in the best way I know possible.

Behold, fruit salad nails:



They’re a bit slapdash because at the time I was painting them I was also trying to do my make-up/brush my hair/do the washing up, but I love a bit of garish colour – here I’ve used OPI Nail Lacquer in Hot & Spicy and Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot (you see the theme here?)

Any suggestions for other colours that go well together?

Nail art – a little bit of everything

13 Jul

To paint a tragic picture – last night I found myself all alone at home, pyjamas on by 8pm, cleaning up the ‘corner of doom’ in my flat (i.e. the place where we dump any old crap which doesn’t have a set place in our little household). I’m not going to lie, I was also watching ‘Superstar’ with Andrew Lloyd Webber on ITV Player. It’s bad isn’t it?

Anyway, after completing my momentous cleaning challenge, I decided to do a bit of nail art practise, this time watching  the equally cool ’24 Hours in A&E’ – which, I might add, it sad beyond belief! Because I was just having a doodle, I did each nail differently – polka dots, zigzags, stripes –  the whole she-bang. I actually think the finished result looks quite cool together though – what do you think?





Coloured Mascara – do or don’t?

12 Jul

I was reading in the Evening Standard last night that colourful mascara is back in. Now while this appeals to my inner tweenager, is it something I can get away with in my twenties? Especially when my eyes are a colour affectionately known as ‘poo brown’ rather than a lovely crystal blue that looks beautiful with anything?

Well, it looks pretty sophisticated here at Stella McCartney – I think this look would be office appropriate (although working at a hair magazine, pretty much anything goes! Except suits/nudity.)

Coloured mascara also appeared on the Dior catwalk, a bit funkier this time in vivid pink.

And as you can see here it even works on brown eyes like mine!

How to achieve this look then? At £5.19 a pop, Barry M Lengthening Mascara seems a good way to go to try this trend out on the cheap – especially as it’s probably not something you’re going to want to wear every day (get Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara for that – literally the best thing ever!)

Junk Food Nail Art

10 Jul

The healthiest way to enjoy junk food? Paint it on your nails…

Burger nails!

Chicken drumstick nails!

Hot dog nails!

Cinema snack nails!


Pizza nails!

And the best of all – popcorn nails!

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