When nails go wrong – oh so wrong (feat. Bourjois So Laque in Rose Lounge)

3 Sep

bourjois paris so laque ultra shine rose lounge

The title of this post may sound like some bizarre music chart entry, but actually this is just my chance to share with you one of my latest nail disasters, because I’m sharing, caring kinda girl like that.

I raved last week about my beautiful pastel pink manicure using OPI Sweetheart polish, and so I was a woman on a Superdrug mission on Friday looking for a similar colour on a smaller budget.

I’ve  always been impressed with Bourjois products (their Healthy Mix foundation is fab!) so I thought I’d give the So Laque nail polishes a bash – specifically the Rose Lounge shade which to me looked very similar to my original manicure.  Supposedly it was also the same one worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day. However, after my experience, I would be very surprised if this were actually the case!

Given the sheerness of the product I expected to apply a few coats before reaching opacity, but OH JESUS I did not realise how many. Seriously, it was about 6 coats, by which time the polish was so thick and gloopy it was obviously going to take about 4 hours to dry. Given that I started the project (I’m going to call it a project, it was that time consuming) at 11pm there was no way I was going to stay up…so after about 45 mins of waiting for it to dry, I went to bed. The result? Voila…

bourjois paris so laque ultra shine rose lounge


I know, I know – COVER YOUR EYES! It’s definitely not the lovely, smooth, shiny, pale look I was going for, just a horrible, milky, matte mess!

Obviously I had to remove this colour before it became too much of an offence to humanity, so, as Baldrick off Blackadder would say, I came up with a cunning plan. Well not that cunning – basically I decided to paint my nails with a white polish before applying the Rose Lounge to save the needs for a thousand coats.

Again, this did not turn out to well for me:

bourjois paris so laque ultra shine rose lounge


It looks like I’ve tippexed my nails during a particularly boring Physics lesson doesn’t it? Partly I put this down to the poor quality of the white polish (No.17), partly to the fact that even layered several times over WHITE the Bourjois product doesn’t show up at all, and partly down to the fact the whole concoction ended up so thick that it wouldn’t even wash off my skin in the shower.

I think at this point, after what feels like 10 hours spent on my bloody nails, I am going to give up and just use the Bourjois as a sheer coat for adding shine to unpainted nails. Or, more likely, I’ll throw it to the back of my nail drawer never to be seen again.

Any other nail products I should be avoiding like the plague?


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