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Halloween Nail Art

30 Oct

What’s everyone up to for Halloween? Apart from painting their nails like these lovelies?











Models Own Silver and Gold Nail Art Pens

24 Oct

silver-star-nails-models-ownIt’s happy days indeed when Models Own bring out a new Nail Art Pen, and this month they have spoiled us with silver and gold metallic shades perfect for doodling.

I always use the pen end of these rather than the brush, as it offers greater control and precision, although occasionally they do get blocked which is REALLY annoying. Hence, my planned silver and gold star nails above turned out to be just silver. Hey ho.

The Models Own Nail Art pens are £6 each and available from Boots.


Tribal Nail Art

22 Oct



tribal-style-nailsIt’s been a busy old weekend – visited the Ballgowns exhibition at the V&A (go!), drank too many cocktails in Be@One and ate far too much roast dinner/cake/pizza (standard weekend activities). I also found time to paint my nails with this little tribal number while I was watching my current favourite, Take Me Out (don’t judge me!)

I started off painting the whole nail orange with OPI Hot & Spicy, before adding a stripe of Models Own in gold down the middle. After leaving this to dry, I drew a line down either side of the central gold stripe using a yellow Models Own nail pen, before using the white version to add a few dots down the middle and edges of the nail.

It was really simple to do, even with my left hand, and I think it looks light and bright and summery even when I’m trudging through the foggy streets of London.

As always would love to hear your thoughts!

Operation Spot Control

19 Oct

My skin is driving me crazy at the moment. I say ‘at the moment’ but actually it’s been driving me crazy ever since I was about 12, and my first spot appeared. Since then I’ve been plagued by the little bastards – to differing degrees of severity I must add – but I’ve never gone a day without a few lurkers spoiling my bid for perfect skin.

All I want is to be one of those girls who say things like “You wear foundation everyday? Oh I can’t be bothered!” (because obviously they don’t need to) or “Argh my skin is sooo bad today” when they have one tiny spot on their otherwise flawless complexion. Actually, I don’t want to be one of those girls, because they are annoying, but you get the idea.

I recently interviewed U.S. skincare expert Dr Murad for work. His theory is that the route to perfect skin is 20% topical (i.e. the lotions and potions you put on your face) and 80% to do with what’s going on inside: your diet, how much sleep you’ve had, how stressed you are etc. “When your heart is happy, your skin is glowing” was his motto – meaning you should set aside time to pamper yourself and promote some inner peace to give you a lovely complexion.

I’ve decided to combine the pampering sessions with some targeted skin products, in a bid to achieve gorgeousness. My products are:

La Roche-Posay Effaclair A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector – Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends has written about the efficacy of this brand, and although it’s pricey I’m willing to give it a bash. I also have the mattifying moisturiser which promises to tighten up pores –  that would be fab as the pores on my right cheek are probably visible from the moon.

Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser – I’ve read many articles singing the praises of  hot cloth cleanser, and I’m pretty sure the Guardian’s beauty writer Sali Hughes recommended this one specifically. After only one use I can definitely say it gives you a really good deep clean – intensive without the abrasiveness of a scrub.


Aveda Outer Peace Cooling Masque – promises to reduce sebum production and unclog pores. I am going to use this once a week as part of my ‘me time’ probably accompanied by a glass of wine and an episode of Snog Marry Avoid. It’s all about pampering yourself right?

I will report back on how effective this lot are – in the meantime if you have any amazing products or tips you can recommend, I would love to hear about them!

Stick-On Star Nails

19 Oct




starnails3This post has been slightly delayed because I was SO TIRED after working all last weekend at a hair and beauty trade exhibition. Luckily, as well as being a journalist extraordinaire, I had 20 minutes to run round and buy a few beauty bits at discount prices. This included these dinky little rainbow-coloured stars, and some nail glue to fix them on.

For the base coat I used Models Own Mellow Yellow, which I left to dry before painting on the glue and applying the stars randomly with tweezers. It’s quite fiddley because everything ends up getting stuck together – just like when you’re trying to fix something with super glue and end up getting your fingers stuck to the tube/table/your face. However the benefit of this ultra-stickiness is that the stars stay in place really well – I thought they might all get knocked off quickly but they were fine.

When it came to removal, however, things were TOUGH. That glue is like the mother of all top coats and getting through it is an almighty challenge. In future I would use the old PVA as a base coat blogger trick to help me out!


Models Own Mirrorball Collection – Solid Sparkle

11 Oct

modelsown-mirror-ball-nailsYou know when you have nails that are so cool you just can’t stop waggling them around in front of your eyes? That’s definitely happening to me today, thanks to Models Own A-MAZING Mirrorball Collection.

I knew I’d love these glorious glitters right back in September when they were announced, and now all my shimmery, shiny dreams are coming true.

As I wrote before, these polishes look great layered over other colours, but I hope you’ll agree that built up into solid sparkle they are all real show stoppers!

Obviously I had to buy all five shades (Hot Stuff, Boogie Nights, Freak Out, Dancing Queen, Disco Inferno) as well as a top coat to seal them in. I have to say you need patience to get a full glitter nail – plenty of layering and drying time – but the results tend to be long-lasting.

My only fear is how much effort will be needed to get these bad boys off!

What do you think of Models Own Mirrorball?


Autumn is here! Five Reasons to get Excited

10 Oct

1) Pale and interesting beauty

pale-skin-red-lips-autumn-winter-beauty-make-upAutumn is the time to throw away your fake tan mitt and give up the constant struggle to achieve ‘bronzed goddess’ over  ‘streaky mess’. Leave behind the golden glow and nude make up, and instead turn to striking porcelain skin and more dramatic looks on the lips and eyes, including that ultimate winter favourite, red lipstick (top row – Gucci, Kristen Bell). I also love the English Rose looks from Michael Kors and Alice Temperley (bottom row), which focus on a beautiful flushed cheek. You can achieve this with a lovely pink blusher or just a crisp wintery walk!

2) Boots and coats!

You know what’s annoying? Those days between June and September when it’s actually not warm enough to flit about in a light blazer and skirt, but you feel like a bit of a weirdo shoving on your winter coat and black tights. Now, however, we can bung on scarves, boots, lovely fitted coats – all without subverting any seasonal norms. And we all know how elegant and flattering the perfect winter outerwear can be. Where’s my bobble hat?

3) Halloween

Halloween is a great excuse to embrace your inner child. Whether you’re throwing a party, or staying in to watch spooky films, make sure you involve the following:

– A pumpkin

– Chocolates in the shape of pumpkins

– Bobbing apples

– At least one piece of novelty jewellery

This dog

4) Autumn Nails

Autumn-nail-artI’ve written about Summer nail art, but – pah! – that’s old news now. Instead, it is time to embrace autumnal colours, icicles and the odd cheeky umbrella. If I can recreate the flames above in time for Bonfire Night, I’ll give myself a medal (a medal in the form of a hot dog, obvs).

5) Mulled Wine

Cold weather means you are automatically allowed to drink Mulled Wine AT ALL TIMES. Like for breakfast, as a nightcap, perhaps even in your ‘water’ bottle when you scoot off to the gym.

See also Winter Pimms, Red Wine and Irish Coffee. Oh and Gin. Always Gin.

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