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Marathon training – should your last long run hurt so much?

31 Mar


On Friday I completed my life’s most momentous achievement to date and ran 21 miles. 21 FREAKIN MILES. I discovered the following things:

– Jelly babies before run = good. Trying to eat a jelly baby while running = vom inducing.

– The best way to hydrate without needing a wee? Drink loads the day before, then keep it minimal the morning of the run. You will probs have to get up and pee during the night but that’s better than stopping during the race. Or pissing yourself.

– Putney’s got lots of rowing clubs with fit men carrying boats.

– Hammersmith Bridge is easily missed (if you’re waiting for a bridge with a big sign saying ‘Hammersmith Bridge’ on it).

– The first few miles of a super long run feel hella easy.  Don’t speed up though because…

– Suddenly it gets hard. Very hard. Especially when you realise that despite you’re uber-pain, you still have miles to go. This is the bit I’m slightly worried about – summoning the mental strength to keep going, even when I just had to get to 21 miles, was really really really tough. How the f*ck am I gonna do 26?

– Taking a running partner helps, A LOT. Except when their leg seizes up and they have to drop out 5 miles from the end.

– After running that far, don’t even think about making plans for the afternoon. Go home. Stretch. Bathe your weary body. Eat pizza. Nap. Eat more pizza. Sleep.

– The next day everything hurts. Now for some reason I didn’t expect this. I ran 18 miles quite merrily, then scooted off out to a party in the evening. Not on an actual scooter obvs. Anyway after 21 miles, not only was I practically disabled for the rest of the day, but the next day was a world of pain. Is that normal? How much more immobile will I be post marathon? How do I break through “the wall”? All advice much appreciated…


Unsung Hero – No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in Green

29 Mar

While it’s always fun to shout about the latest products on the beauty stands, I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for the old reliables in my make up bag . You know the ones – they aren’t revolutionary, fancily packaged or pushed by some huge marketing campaign, but they do a damn good job and form the basis of most of your day-to-day make up.

Much like that poor admin lady in your office who keeps things running like clockwork but doesn’t get much recognition, I’ve decided these products deserve a little unsung hero award to keep them happy (realise I’m attributing feelings to inanimate objects here but I was one of those kids who insisted that all my teddies had their heads above the duvet covers “so they could breathe”, so please bear with…)


The first product I’d like to show some blog love to is No7 Metallic Eye Pencil in Green. I’m always looking at bold, colourful eyeliner in magazines and thinking how awesome it looks, but unfortunately when translated to the face of a mere mortal bright blues, purples and greens can end up a bit…Crayola. However, this metallic hue  is just the right blend of unusual and wearable, fun and sophisticated. To give it a more elegant edge, I first apply black liquid liner and then add a slightly smudged streak of green underneath…tres chic, non?

One thing I love about this pencil is the fact it’s lovely and soft, so plenty of colour comes off without you having to jab yourself in the eye too hard.It also lasts for aaaages, and doesn’t slide at all during the day.

There’s also a navy version of this pencil which I’ve been perving on for a while…might have to be my next purchase.

£6.50, buy here.

Product of the Day – Holographic Necklace

29 Mar

joey glass necklace

Oh me. Oh my. I have a lot of love for this holographic gem necklace from Kurt Geiger, and what’s more it’s in THE SALE.

£25, buy here.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick Review

28 Mar

max-factor-colour-elixirI have been lusting over a neon pink lip ever since I saw the beauty shots from the Giles SS13 show. To get a glossier version of the perfect matte pouts seen at Giles, Max Factor’s new Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Vibrant Pink is a great product – highly pigmented, non-sticky and a beautifully bright fluoro shade.

The pen shape makes this product really easy to apply, and teamed with a flick of black eyeliner – or, for the Giles look, flawless skin and bare eyes – it creates real impact. Only thing I’m slightly concerned about is when it comes to sharpening!

The Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick is £6.99 from Boots.


(This is a beautiful Giles model, not me, in case you were wondering…)

Product of the Day – Daisy earrings

28 Mar

daisy earringsIt feels like it’s probably never going to be summer again, but at least these cute little earrings from River Island can remind us what daisies look like as we trudge around the icy tundras of Britain!

£2, buy here


Best celebrity hair transformations

28 Mar



Yesterday Jessie J posted this photo on Instagram showing her newly dyed blonde locks to the world. Having undergone a head shaving in aid of Comic Relief (bravo Jessie!), she’s opted for a platinum look –  let’s face it, once you’ve shaved off all your hair you’re probably not going to be too scared of a colour change! I wonder if she’ll keep the blonde once it gets longer?

It got me thinking about celebrity hair transformations, and the power they can have to completely re-define a person’s image, even their career. Think of Kelly Osbourne, who went from being a gothy, greasy teenager with black hair to a glamorous lilac-locked lady. Or Emma Watson, who bagged new fashion credentials and grown-up film roles after ditching her long girly locks. Also – does anyone remember Justin Timberlake being a such a hottie until his suave comeback this year?

What do you think are the best ever celebrity hair transformations?


Product of the Day – Zara Neon Bag

27 Mar


Yesterday it was neon lips, today I’m having a little heart attack over this A-Mazing bag from Zara. It’s only £19.99 and you can buy it here.

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