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Models Own Ice Neon Nail Varnish in Bubblegum

2 Apr



photo (7)


Models Own are always bringing out on-trend collections, and the Ice Neon range is a great way to tap into this summer’s fluoro look.

Available in pink, purple, yellow, green and the orangey-red I went for, above, these colours are basically a more sophisticated version of when you used to colour in your nails with highlighter pens at school.

Apparently you’re meant to keep them in the fridge as well, as this helps the fluorescent colour last. However, I noted that Boots were just keeping them on the shelves – a policy I might stick to since my flatmates will kill me if my beauty habits starts to find their way into any more areas of the house.

I love the punchy colour of Ice Neon Bubblegum – it’s bright and garish (i.e. all the things I love). It’s also a great summer shade, and would look great on sandal-clad toes as well as fingers.

But but but…don’t expect this bad boy to last. Much like one of those friends who is wildly good fun on a night out but you then don’t see for months, you can’t rely on this polish to stick around. Mine was badly chipped by the second day, and right now I’m typing with approx. 10% of my nails still clinging onto the colour.

All in all – great shade for a night out, but will take major maintenance if you want to keep it on for more than a day.

£6 from Boots.





Neutral Nails with Impact

26 Mar

I was lucky enough to go backstage at London Fashion Week recently, and while the clouds of hairspray and lashings of mascara were present as always, it was noticeable how much more important the nails have become in creating the overall look.

At Mark Fast for example, Revlon nail guru Jenny Longworth talked us through a carefully considered look  – “vampire inspired’ two-tone nails blending Revlon Grey Suede into Revlon Smouldering.

mark-fast-2-e1361135589552“Overall we’re seeing a move away from cutesy nail art to strong, bold and graphic effects”, explained Jenny. This was demonstrated at shows such as Mara Hoffman in NY, where black polish was contrasted against a neutral half moon on the tips of the nails, and with the matte, sandstone-effect nails at Alexander Wang’s show.

mara-hoffamnMara Hoffman

Alexander-WangAlexander Wang

Mint Green Nails – Mavala

30 Jan

Mint green is a big colour for spring/summer, seen everywhere on the catwalk from Matthew Williamson’s beautiful floaty dresses to sheer tunics from Missoni.

It’s an easy colour to incorporate into your beauty routine, whether it be coloured eyeliner or a lovely macaron-esque nail polish (like this one from Mavala).

Sparkly Nails of the Day – Purple Rain!

13 Dec

models-own-disco-nailsModels Own MirrorBall in Boogie Nights – £5, worn over Models Own Sterling Silver Nail Polish – £5


Nail Rock Frou Frou 3D Manicure -Thanksgiving

29 Nov

nail-rock-frou-frou-3d-manicureI figured this week would be a good time to reveal the results of my Nail Rock Frou Frou 3D Thanksgiving manicure (bit of a mouthful) after I blogged about these new nail decorations last month.  Actually, writing about it last week for actual Thanksgiving might have been better but I’m British not American so what do I know?

Well I know this – these little nail decorations look cool, but MY GOD are they a pain in the arse. I kept them on for a grand total of 2 hours because they were winding me up so much.

I understand that the 3D-ness of them is the point, but they stick out so far from your nails that you feel a bit deformed. Also, as soon as I tried to do anything practical – washing up, searching down the side of the sofa for the remote, having a shower – they all started pinging off, and you can understand why I could cope no longer.

Maybe a good one for a fancy dress party, but sorry Nail Rock – for £5.99 I probably wouldn’t bother.

Best Beauty Gifts on a Budget

27 Nov

There’s an advent calendar in our office. I’ve gone out wearing a sequin dress. There are scarves with reindeers on in the shops. Yes people – Christmas is coming.

Of course, along with this festive build-up, comes the obligatory Christmas gift guides in almost every publication – you know, the ones that try to convince men do really like ornaments in the shape of woodland animals and that buying your aunt an £150 cashmere scarf is the norm.

No people! It’s not! We’re all fricking poor – which is why all the beauty buys in my little gift guide are under £20. Woohoo.

topshop-eye-paletteTopshop Eye Palette in Atmosphere – £16

I love the look of this little palette – in fact it would be almost too good to use were it not for the lovely, shimmery colours contained within. Topshop eye shadows are generally highly-pigmented and long-lasting, and the shades in this palette are striking yet neutral enough to flatter all eye colours. A good call.

kate moss red lipstick


Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick Shade 1 – £5.49

Give your loved one the gift of the ultimate red lip with this beautiful scarlet shade from Kate Moss’s Rimmel collection. I can vouch for the fact this suits loads of different skin tones having shared it with scores of girls in the ladies loos (classy bird) – although unfortunately I can’t guarantee it will make the recipient look like Mossy.

Barry M Nail Polish Gold

Barry M Nail Polish Gold – £2.99

The perfect stocking filler? I can’t tell you how much I love this gold polish – it’s got a beautiful, elegant sheen to it rather than being sparkly, sparkly. sparkly (not that I have a problem with that!) – and would be the perfect festive shade for teenagers and mothers alike.

max-factor-false-lash-effect-mascaraMax Factor False Lash Effect Mascara – £10.99

I’m yet to find someone who’s tried this mascara and not loved it. Personally I wouldn’t buy anything else – it has AMAZING lengthening, thickening and defining effects on the lashes, to the point where I have actually been asked lots of times if I’m wearing falsies. To which I reply “oh darling it’s all natural” of course.


Max Factor Color X-Pert Eye Liner in Lilac – £6.99

Another Max Factor one – this is the best coloured liquid liner I’ve come across, and a great gift for anyone who likes to be a bit adventurous with their make up without going completely wild. The colour is eye-catching yet pretty, and the application is very easy thanks to a non-spindly brush. I do hate a spindly brush.





A Nail Update

12 Nov

Oh gaaad it’s been ages since I’ve blogged – although my traffic seems to have gone up amazingly in the last week so maybe everyone prefers it if I just shurrup?!

Anyway, it’s obviously time for a nail update from the past couple of weeks, so here goes:

owl-nailsOwl Nails

I wrote about owl nail art a few months ago so I decided to give it a go myself! First I painted the entire nail white, before using blue, yellow, pink, black and silver nail pens to draw on the little owls. They’re a bit messy though – according to all my housemates they looked more like furbies (thanks guys).

swirly-nailsSwirly Nails

As you can probably tell this nail art design was very easy to create which makes it very suitable for me. I painted my nails with Barry M gold polish (which I love) before using a yellow nail art pen to add the swirl on top. Very Demon Headmaster-chic non?

models own snowflakes nailsWonderland Snowflakes nails

Well these ones aren’t particularly exciting but I wanted to see what this Models Own glitter polish would look like used by itself – voila!

two-tone-models-own-snowflakes-nailsTwo-tone Sparkly Nails

What could be more exciting than two-tone nails? SPARKLY ONES. I used Barry M peach and pistachio shades underneath, with a couple of coats of Models Own Wonderland Snowflakes on top. Yes I am getting my money’s worth out of that glitter polish.




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