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Product of the Day – Monochrome Bag

5 Apr

accessorize bag


I know monochrome is in, but wearing all over black and white just feels a bit overkill to me. This cross body bag from Accessorize offers a more subtle take on the trend.

£25, buy here


Unsung Hero – No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in Green

29 Mar

While it’s always fun to shout about the latest products on the beauty stands, I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for the old reliables in my make up bag . You know the ones – they aren’t revolutionary, fancily packaged or pushed by some huge marketing campaign, but they do a damn good job and form the basis of most of your day-to-day make up.

Much like that poor admin lady in your office who keeps things running like clockwork but doesn’t get much recognition, I’ve decided these products deserve a little unsung hero award to keep them happy (realise I’m attributing feelings to inanimate objects here but I was one of those kids who insisted that all my teddies had their heads above the duvet covers “so they could breathe”, so please bear with…)


The first product I’d like to show some blog love to is No7 Metallic Eye Pencil in Green. I’m always looking at bold, colourful eyeliner in magazines and thinking how awesome it looks, but unfortunately when translated to the face of a mere mortal bright blues, purples and greens can end up a bit…Crayola. However, this metallic hue  is just the right blend of unusual and wearable, fun and sophisticated. To give it a more elegant edge, I first apply black liquid liner and then add a slightly smudged streak of green underneath…tres chic, non?

One thing I love about this pencil is the fact it’s lovely and soft, so plenty of colour comes off without you having to jab yourself in the eye too hard.It also lasts for aaaages, and doesn’t slide at all during the day.

There’s also a navy version of this pencil which I’ve been perving on for a while…might have to be my next purchase.

£6.50, buy here.

Product of the Day – Daisy earrings

28 Mar

daisy earringsIt feels like it’s probably never going to be summer again, but at least these cute little earrings from River Island can remind us what daisies look like as we trudge around the icy tundras of Britain!

£2, buy here


Product of the Day – Zara Neon Bag

27 Mar


Yesterday it was neon lips, today I’m having a little heart attack over this A-Mazing bag from Zara. It’s only £19.99 and you can buy it here.

Lust Item of the Day – Mega Jewels

14 Jan

necklace £100Premium Stone Necklace, £100, Topshop


Straight hair is back

11 Dec

Felder Felder show, Spring Summer 2013, London Fashion Week, Britain - 14 Sep 2012

“And do you always use a heat protection spray when straightening your hair?”

The hairdresser eyes me in the mirror. We both know the truth, just like when the hygienist asks me if I floss every day. “Yeeees,” I answer. “Kinda. Well sometimes…”

The hairdresser raises an eyebrow as she starts snipping off the frazzled split-ends that say otherwise. “Well you’re going to have to start,” she warns me, “because straight hair is back.”

Yes people, you heard – poker straight, super-sleek, high-shine hair has made a comeback, gracing SS ’13 catwalks from Marios Schwab to Felder Felder. Sometimes worn with a dead sharp centre parting, at other times in a long, flawlessly straight ponytail, this trend is set to be the look for 2013 – a statement which will strike fear into the hearts of those with even so much as a kink in their locks.

It’s a stark move away from the boho waves or Cheryl-because-I’m-worth-it-big hair that have both reigned the manes over the past few years – straight hair is minimalist, controlled, austere.

At this point I realise they’ll be those with say, Afro or curly hair, who look at this trend and think, “I just can’t be f***ed’. Well I say, power to you. Rock the curls.

However, if you are keen to try out this look, here’s my advice:


1) Start by washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair soft and detangled. For a high street option, I love the Aussie range (nearly always on special offer in Boots or Superdrug), or for a more high end option, TIGI’s new Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner are great.

2) After you get out of the shower, comb through your hair using a Tangle Teezer. This little brush first found fame when it was turfed out of Dragon’s Den by the unimpressed investors, but its inventor Shaun P stuck to his belief that we all need pain-free detangling and by god he was right.

3) Next step – hair oil. It’s emerged as a hair wonder product for good reason, particularly if your hair is coarse, dry or prone to flyways. Moroccanoil costs around £30 a bottle, but has great results and lasts for ages. Smooth a drop or two through the midlengths and ends of the hair.

4) PROTECTION SPRAY (see I’m being good!) Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist is a goodun – doesn’t leave hair smelling burnt unlike some others I’ve tried. Plus it’s only £6.39. Mist all over the hair before you start blow drying to prevent damage and split ends.

5) When blow drying the hair, keep the nozzle of the hairdryer pointing down the shaft of the hair for a straight, glass-like finish. To keep volume at the roots, turn your head upside down and blow dry hair downwards for a while (i.e. not long enough for you to pass out.)

6) Finally, the straighteners. As a bit of an industry insider, I’ve tried my fair share of straightening brands, and although it’s boring, I have to say you can’t beat ghds. Using a paddle brush in one hand, comb slowly through sections of the hair, following each stroke through with the straighteners held in your other hand. Avoid going too close to the roots unless you want flat hair/a burnt scalp.

7) Go forth and show off your straight hair, but FOR GOD’S SAKE avoid rain. your other hand.

Amazing ASOS Earrings

16 Nov

asos-earrings-jewelled-doorknockerI accept this is not strictly a beauty post, but ever since I spent two years working in Accessorize back in my yoof I have been a bit of an earring obsessive, so I had to share this amazing pair from ASOS.

Described as ‘Jewelled Moon Doorknocker Earrings’ no less, these £20 beauties will be making plenty of appearances at all the  Christmas parties I have coming up – as well as being worn, RIGHT NOW, by me in the office, because I’m in love.

My only worry is that given the size and weight of them, my ears might actually fall off, but as one colleague wisely pointed out “It’ll probably be worth it”. Hear hear (or not as the case may be…)


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