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Mint Green Nails – Mavala

30 Jan

Mint green is a big colour for spring/summer, seen everywhere on the catwalk from Matthew Williamson’s beautiful floaty dresses to sheer tunics from Missoni.

It’s an easy colour to incorporate into your beauty routine, whether it be coloured eyeliner or a lovely macaron-esque nail polish (like this one from Mavala).


Sparkly Nails of the Day – Purple Rain!

13 Dec

models-own-disco-nailsModels Own MirrorBall in Boogie Nights – £5, worn over Models Own Sterling Silver Nail Polish – £5


A Nail Update

12 Nov

Oh gaaad it’s been ages since I’ve blogged – although my traffic seems to have gone up amazingly in the last week so maybe everyone prefers it if I just shurrup?!

Anyway, it’s obviously time for a nail update from the past couple of weeks, so here goes:

owl-nailsOwl Nails

I wrote about owl nail art a few months ago so I decided to give it a go myself! First I painted the entire nail white, before using blue, yellow, pink, black and silver nail pens to draw on the little owls. They’re a bit messy though – according to all my housemates they looked more like furbies (thanks guys).

swirly-nailsSwirly Nails

As you can probably tell this nail art design was very easy to create which makes it very suitable for me. I painted my nails with Barry M gold polish (which I love) before using a yellow nail art pen to add the swirl on top. Very Demon Headmaster-chic non?

models own snowflakes nailsWonderland Snowflakes nails

Well these ones aren’t particularly exciting but I wanted to see what this Models Own glitter polish would look like used by itself – voila!

two-tone-models-own-snowflakes-nailsTwo-tone Sparkly Nails

What could be more exciting than two-tone nails? SPARKLY ONES. I used Barry M peach and pistachio shades underneath, with a couple of coats of Models Own Wonderland Snowflakes on top. Yes I am getting my money’s worth out of that glitter polish.




Stick-On Star Nails

19 Oct




starnails3This post has been slightly delayed because I was SO TIRED after working all last weekend at a hair and beauty trade exhibition. Luckily, as well as being a journalist extraordinaire, I had 20 minutes to run round and buy a few beauty bits at discount prices. This included these dinky little rainbow-coloured stars, and some nail glue to fix them on.

For the base coat I used Models Own Mellow Yellow, which I left to dry before painting on the glue and applying the stars randomly with tweezers. It’s quite fiddley because everything ends up getting stuck together – just like when you’re trying to fix something with super glue and end up getting your fingers stuck to the tube/table/your face. However the benefit of this ultra-stickiness is that the stars stay in place really well – I thought they might all get knocked off quickly but they were fine.

When it came to removal, however, things were TOUGH. That glue is like the mother of all top coats and getting through it is an almighty challenge. In future I would use the old PVA as a base coat blogger trick to help me out!


Models Own Mirrorball Collection – Solid Sparkle

11 Oct

modelsown-mirror-ball-nailsYou know when you have nails that are so cool you just can’t stop waggling them around in front of your eyes? That’s definitely happening to me today, thanks to Models Own A-MAZING Mirrorball Collection.

I knew I’d love these glorious glitters right back in September when they were announced, and now all my shimmery, shiny dreams are coming true.

As I wrote before, these polishes look great layered over other colours, but I hope you’ll agree that built up into solid sparkle they are all real show stoppers!

Obviously I had to buy all five shades (Hot Stuff, Boogie Nights, Freak Out, Dancing Queen, Disco Inferno) as well as a top coat to seal them in. I have to say you need patience to get a full glitter nail – plenty of layering and drying time – but the results tend to be long-lasting.

My only fear is how much effort will be needed to get these bad boys off!

What do you think of Models Own Mirrorball?


Models Own Wonderland Collection – Snowflakes

9 Oct

models-own-wonderland-nailsLast night, as I shivered in the igloo that is my bedroom, I could be content that at least my nails fitted in with the Arctic environment, thanks Snowflakes from the new Models Own Wonderland Collection.

Yes, as if Models Own hadn’t given us enough excitement with the MirrorBall Collection, this new set of winter-perfect polishes have hit the shops, including icy pinks, silvers and iridescent sparkles.

models own wonderland collection nail polishI layered the white-gold glitter of Snowflakes over Models Own Sterling Silver polish for a truly frosty look. What I love about Models Own glitter polishes is that each flake is a different size and shape, giving a far more interesting effect than standard sparkly numbers out there.

I think this colour would look great layered over a sky blue colour (like ACTUAL snow from the sky innit!) or alternatively over black.

But look away anyone remotely squeamish about feet because I also tried it on my (U.G.L.Y. you ain’t got no alibi) toes!!! Works quite well with orange non?


Statement Nails

20 Sep


As you’ve probably worked out by now, I struggle with the idea of wearing just one nail polish at a time – with a shopping habit like mine, there are just so many to get through! This is why the idea of a stand-out ‘statement nail’ kind of appeals to me.

I don’t really go in for those big, fake, adorned statement nails  – *cough* tacky *cough* – but I don’t think you can go wrong with a cute little sparkler like this one.

Obviously the glitter nail polish is Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix because it’s AMAZING (like any true fanatic I did a tribute here). Honestly, my love of this polish can only be compared to a hardcore One Directioner, apart from the fact I don’t send death threats to other people who use it.  However, I do sense the forthcoming Mirrorball Collection might steal my heart…

The pink shade is OPI Nail Lacquer in Feelin-Hot-Hot-Hot, which I think we’ll all agree, is an excellent  name. I got this in a press goodie bag at some point and it seems to be a pretty long-lasting little fella.

What are your thoughts on the statement nail? Kelly-Rowland-Cool or a bit brash and unelegant?!


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