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Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

19 Nov



Exactly a month ago I wrote this post describing my spotty skinned plight and the new products I had bought to control it. Luckily, the skin is now looking a lot clearer, even though I completely failed in my attempt to cut out the sugar/alcohol/late-night chips.

Since I haven’t made any lifestyle changes whatsoever, I think I have to put any improvements in my skin down to the products, and the Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser is my favourite for defo.

It’s very easy to use – you simply spread the cream evenly over your face, leave for a minute, and then run the muslin cloth enclosed under warm water before using it to wipe off the cream.

I know this sounds strange, but my skin after using it just feels clean beyond clean! As in cleaner than when I’ve just got out of the shower or used a facial scrub like I normally do in the evening. You almost don’t want to put any moisturiser on because it will spoil the lovely pure feeling of a completely product-free face!

I would totally recommend this product, which although it’s £10, lasts a long time and really delivers good results. Also, you’ll normally be able to find it on some kind of 3 for 2 deal at Boots (how I love their special offers!)


Operation Spot Control

19 Oct

My skin is driving me crazy at the moment. I say ‘at the moment’ but actually it’s been driving me crazy ever since I was about 12, and my first spot appeared. Since then I’ve been plagued by the little bastards – to differing degrees of severity I must add – but I’ve never gone a day without a few lurkers spoiling my bid for perfect skin.

All I want is to be one of those girls who say things like “You wear foundation everyday? Oh I can’t be bothered!” (because obviously they don’t need to) or “Argh my skin is sooo bad today” when they have one tiny spot on their otherwise flawless complexion. Actually, I don’t want to be one of those girls, because they are annoying, but you get the idea.

I recently interviewed U.S. skincare expert Dr Murad for work. His theory is that the route to perfect skin is 20% topical (i.e. the lotions and potions you put on your face) and 80% to do with what’s going on inside: your diet, how much sleep you’ve had, how stressed you are etc. “When your heart is happy, your skin is glowing” was his motto – meaning you should set aside time to pamper yourself and promote some inner peace to give you a lovely complexion.

I’ve decided to combine the pampering sessions with some targeted skin products, in a bid to achieve gorgeousness. My products are:

La Roche-Posay Effaclair A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector – Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends has written about the efficacy of this brand, and although it’s pricey I’m willing to give it a bash. I also have the mattifying moisturiser which promises to tighten up pores –  that would be fab as the pores on my right cheek are probably visible from the moon.

Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser – I’ve read many articles singing the praises of  hot cloth cleanser, and I’m pretty sure the Guardian’s beauty writer Sali Hughes recommended this one specifically. After only one use I can definitely say it gives you a really good deep clean – intensive without the abrasiveness of a scrub.


Aveda Outer Peace Cooling Masque – promises to reduce sebum production and unclog pores. I am going to use this once a week as part of my ‘me time’ probably accompanied by a glass of wine and an episode of Snog Marry Avoid. It’s all about pampering yourself right?

I will report back on how effective this lot are – in the meantime if you have any amazing products or tips you can recommend, I would love to hear about them!

Budget skincare – Simple, Johnsons and Neutrogena

21 Jun

The other day, I went to a beauty launch for work. It took place in a beautiful hotel, the type I only get to go in for PR events because I could never EVER afford to set foot in the place on my own account.

The room was decorated with fragrant peach and pink flowers, gently glowing candles and mint green bows – all in aid of a new  serum and moisturiser from top French brand Darphin. The products themselves smelt wonderful and were fabulously light on the skin, but when the price tags (£49 and £39 respectively) were announced, I couldn’t help but wonder – how many people can really afford it?

For most girls in their teens and twenties, the skincare aisles of Boots are a more affordable option, and from my experience there’s a huge array of brilliant products to be had. These are a few of my favourite brands:


Simple has been around since the 1960s, but it’s only in the past few years that it’s really come into its own. For anyone who can’t bear heavy, strongly-scented moisturisers (I definitely count myself in this category) Simple’s array of unperfumed, almost weightless products are a breath of fresh air.

I love the Hydrating Light Moisturiser for daily use, as it sinks in quickly for easy make up application.

I’m also a big fan of the Foaming Cleanser. Spotty teenage skin left me addicted to face scrubs well into my twenties, until I realised that aggressively attacking my face day and night was not necessarily the way to beautiful skin. Now I use a scrub if I’ve got loads of make-up or sweat to remove (I run a lot ok?!), but prefer this more gentle option in the morning as it doesn’t strip off the natural oils that build up over night.

My final recommendation is the new Moisture Boost Spray. You know when you invent a product in your head and then find out it’s real and get very excited? Well this is it for me. It’s perfect for banishing that horrible ‘tight face’ feeling when your skin is all dry (e.g. if you have lots of powder on), and can be sprayed over make-up without displacing any of that precisely placed concealer. Even if you’re just looking and feeling a bit tired it provides an instant wake up .

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson’s face care range is another nomination for the ‘Best British Breakthrough Act’ in my book, although of course the baby shampoo and oil have been around for donkeys years (yes, all of us probably first experienced their products when they were being wiped on our bums, cheers mum).

I am in love with the Daily Essentials Nourishing Day Cream, largely because I have a premature fear of ageing and the SPF 15 makes me feel like I’m a good human being. The smell is divine – I have recommended this to all the women in my family and they’re all hooked.

Johnson’s Gentle Exfoliating Wash is another winner. As I mentioned above serious scrubbing is something I’ve come to avoid, but this is less abrasive, and there’s something about the floral smell and cute pink packaging that makes me think it can’t do any damage!


American brand Neutrogena is distributed in more than 70 countries, and there’s a reason it’s so popular.

In my experience the products deliver consistently great results. Take the Concentrated Unscented Hand Cream – I’ve never found anything so good for restoring hands that’ve been seriously bashed by winter weather. It sinks in really quickly for intense moisturisation, and you don’t have to wait ages to use a keyboard (it’s non-sticky) or eat (it’s non-scented). What Vaseline is for lips, Neutrogena is for hands.

Also, I realise this is the third moisturiser I’ve recommended in a row, but Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser is new favourite (what can I say – I’m a skincare whore!) Previously when I’ve been suffering from breakouts or skin that oils up during the day, I’ve gone for moisturisers from the typical ‘spot brands’ that tend to be packed with tea tree and actually not moisturising at all. This one, however, still gives that much needed nourishment and hydration while encouraging clearer skin. One caveat though, the smell is not for everyone (my other half was less than amused about having what apparently smelt like a giant fruit salad lying next to him).

Let me know if you have any more recommendations to add to the stash!

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